You Have Ideas, Goals, Dreams — You Need Clarity & Completeness to Deliver Your Success.  

Our approach to helping people accept their success is focused on helping you get the missing piece of G2; that knowledge that might be missing from your approach.  G2 is defined as information, data, and/or intelligence that is not commonly known.  This is where Greg Gudorf can help with simple and practical tactics to help clarify your Ideas and Goals then help build your business, increase your revenues, gain you more time and energy thereby creating the success you deserve.

You Need…

G2 Delivers…

G2 Tactics…

Research, Prep, Plan, & Launch
New Business or Invention Ideas

Clarity and Completeness with business planning tools, customer segmentation & value proposition development, and business modeling to secure support and financing.

Delivered most commonly via Skype, e-Mail, & Phone in a multi-session mentoring process.  Also available in-person for one-on-one or small group workshops.

Rapid Change Environments

Tips, tools, and training for identifying root cause and best forward strategies for winning at Change.

Goal Setting, Presentation Skills,
Sales Development, Marketing Plans

Tactics, tips, tools, training, monitoring & mentoring with one-on-one or small group interactions.

Team Training

Tailored programs in Sales, Presentation Skills, & Change Tactics. In-person, small group workshops adapted to your schedule & location needs.

A Speaker for Your Next Event

Dynamic, on-topic & tailored break-out or keynote messages across the above areas of expertise. In-person for small or large audiences at your location and on your timeline.

Meet Greg Gudorf — a voice and advocate for your success. Greg is an adventurous spirit with a passion for innovation that propelled him from a small-town, family-owned retail business, to the technology big leagues. Now he is turning his attention to helping and supporting entrepreneurs and individuals everywhere in setting and obtaining their goals so they may claim their rightful position as leaders of economic change and progress.

Greg earned his success in retail, distribution, and manufacturing organizations; with big companies such as Sony Electronics, Technicolor, and General Instrument (Motorola), plus companies at the other end of the scale, such as Paul Allen’s (co-founder of Microsoft) Digeo Moxi and even the family consumer electronics, TV & Appliance retail business started by his grandfather in 1946.

He’s been featured in articles and interviews in publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN Money, the LA Times and the San Diego Tribune.

So whether you’re a new business owner or have been in business for years, someone just getting started or needing to adapt to the new normal of our economy, you are about to gain strategies and tactics from a leader dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

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